Eclipse’s staffs are independent stylists who make their own appointments. Please contact them with the corresponding phone numbers.

On-line appointment booking is available for Andre Rabbani Through this web site.

Andre Rabbani 630-430-8405
Ekelo Andersen 312-806-0025
Tiffany Schaaff 773-575-4274
Kristen Getty 708-705-7576
Nikki Rialla 773-744-8107
Lisa Rankin 773-559-7368
Mandy Mansell 773-343-8156
Johny  Moreira 773-307-1375
Dara Harris 469-438-9389
Mark Linenberg 773-3155799
Karen Morici 773-574-2191
Erin Eme 773-912-3050
Colee Frome 773-301-2183
Maggie Araque 224-381-1531
Victoria Moyer 773-827-1211